Fauda Base is a unique space that provides a sneak peek into the exhilarating and mysterious world of the Israeli Defense Force’s Special Undercover Forces, and makes that world accessible to the public, unlike anywhere else in the world.

Fauda Base was established by former soldiers of those very units, members of the IDF’s Special Forces and Intelligence units who translated their experience, expertise, and skills into a full and fun breakthrough activity.

Activities on Fauda Base challenge their participants physically, intellectually, emotionally, and – no less importantly – provide much excitement and enjoyment.

The activities integrate Zionism, history, values, and a wondrous, confidential world of content that most Israeli and foreign citizens are not privy to.

At Fauda Base, participants are given the opportunity to live a day in the life of IDF undercover forces – those forces the world was exposed to through the Fauda television series, a series loosely based on the daily realities of real fighters defending the State of Israel.

About the Compound

Fauda Base is made up of four spaces:

  • The Undercover Forces Heritage Tent – Home to our Undercover Forces Museum, which surveys the history of Israel’s Undercover Forces from the days of the Palmach (Strike Force) and to this very day, using exhibits, videos, and other exciting elements. This is where our briefings and lectures take place.
  • The Unit Base – Which includes three shooting ranges, a Krav Maga arena, a weapons hold, and a changing room.
  • Mahmoudia – Our Arab village, where our Special Forces activities take place.
  • Hashdashia – Our Bedouin tent, where each activity culminates, and where any type of event can be held.


Fauda Base closely collaborates with yes, creators of the Fauda television series, as well as with the IDF’s Special Undercover Forces.

Fauda Base is where you will become an Undercover soldier for the day, just like on TV.

About the series

The Fauda television series (Chaos in English) is the Israeli drama/action series that has taken the world by storm. The series first aired in 2015 and shed a light on the world of Israel’s Special Undercover Forces.

The series loosely portrays the complexities experienced by these secret fighters, tasked with saving lives but forced to operate from among mostly innocent civilians.

The series was created by Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz, who mostly based it on their own experiences in the IDF.

Thanks to Netflix, the series has been broadcasted across the globe and has garnered hundreds of millions of fans in many countries. In this way, Israel’s Special Undercover Forces have won international acclaim.

Fauda Base is where you can come to catch a sneak peek and a physical and emotional “taste” of the reality behind the series.

Want to become a Fauda team for one day?

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