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Fauda Base’s flagship activity!

Come experience a day in the life of a Special Undercover Forces soldier, take part in an extraordinary operation, and save lives!

About the activity:

The activity, like all activities on Fauda Base, begins with a tour of the Undercover Forces Museum to set the mood and help you understand the history of covert operations.

Participants will then be briefed on a security event and receive instructions on how to respond in order to save innocent lives.

From there, the participants will be transformed into a team of undercover operatives.

They will be drafted into the unit, receive combat equipment including a personal weapon, a commando uniform, or undercover clothes (depending on their role in the unit, to be determined according to the results of a suitability test).

To complete the special operation, the team must start off with a series of general training exercises – shooting, CQB, Krav Maga, and more…

Once the team has reached the necessary skill level, they will be able to plan and execute their operation.

The operation will be held in our “Arab Village” and will include professional actors, some of whom will be dressed as terrorists, while others will be acting as innocent civilians. Together, they will create a unique and unforgettable activity that transports participants to unimaginable levels of excitement and extreme performance. Following the activity, the participants will meet up at (Al) Hashdashia, our Bedouin tent.

The perfect package for company events and     employee morale


!We're building a winning team

Come experience a unique morale-building day in the spirit of the IDF's Special Forces

About the activity:
The team will deal with many tasks from the world of the Special Units – tasks that the forces undergo while building their units, during training .and in professional programs

Participants will experience tasks and challenges from the world of shooting, ODT sports, martial arts, Krav Maga, Intelligence, manipulation, and more.

During these tasks, team members will be required to work on their leadership, improvisation, ‘work-under-pressure,’ acceptance, and containment without judgment skills, in addition to practicing a wide variety of tools leveraged by Special Forces units on a daily basis.

Towards the end of the activity, the team will be debriefed by our counselors and will analyze the team’s actions as they transpired.

A package for those who don’t want  
   to break out in a sweat

Private/business events

(Al) Hashdashia - Fauda Base’s event space

Fauda Base can host all sorts of private and business events.

The events take place in (Al) Hashdashia, our event space.

(Al) Hashdashia is a term that describes the feeling of solidarity and camaraderie among the Mamelukes. As such, our Bedouin tent, the perfect place for hosting a social event, was bestowed with this significant name.

Our space includes an enormous Bedouin tent and a large, pleasant plot of grass, ideal for hosting any sort of event. We provide free parking, a unique and inspirational environment, and, of course, detail-oriented and highly-personal service.

Our event manager will be more than happy to help you put together your menu, concept, and anything else you need to hold a perfect event.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Fauda Base is the perfect place to host a unique bar or bat mitzvah for kids and/or adults

The bar mitzvah boy/bat mitzvah girl has several options for a unique, enjoyable, and unforgettable celebration, from classic Fauda activities, through an insane dance party in our event space, to a belly dancing workshop and more.

Contact our event manager to receive a quote and book the perfect bar/bat mitzvah for your loved one.


We host various lectures on security, intelligence, history, acting, and more.

Our lecturers include former senior members of the IDF, Fauda television series actors, and soldiers who recount their experiences in the field. The lectures can either be held in our Heritage Tent or in our Bedouin tent, as well as at various other locations across the country.

Contact our event manager to receive a quote and book the perfect bar/bat mitzvah for your loved one.

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